Water Treatment Plant

We all know that life on earth is impossible without water and 80% of all human illness can be eliminated with the use of clean and pure water. Hence, it is imperative to give special attention towards the cleanliness and purity of it. Jushandy can deploy a professionally managed water & waste treatment management team. We provide a comprehensive range of such services that includes micron filtration, ultra waste water treatment system, nano filtration, filtration for beverages and water softening unit, reverse osmosis plant, sewage & effluent treatment plant, etc.

We can also bring to the table waste water solutions. From installation to maintenance of the plants, our services are certified and manned by professionals. We have specialists in the field of biotechnology, chemical engineering, waste water designs and advanced engineering solutions.


  • Salt / municipal Water
  • Installed Unit Maintenance
  • Automated Water Levellers
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