Frequently Asked Questions (NRI’s)

1. I am an Indian Resident, can I avail the services of Jushandy?
Jushandy offers its services to Indian Residents, Non Resident Indians and anyone who wishes to avail of our services. All you have to do is register for our services through the Customer Services Registration Form (CSR Form) and our Customer Engagement Executive will guide you through the entire process for availing our services.

2. How do I register for Jushandy services?
Customer registration is done through the Customer Services Registration Form available on our website.

3. I do not have the time to understand and complete extensive legal formalities, what do I do?
Relax. Jushandy does it all for you. We value your time and therefore we ensure that you do not end up spending time in extensive legal formalities. Our Service agreements are simple and our Customer Engagement Executive ensures that all formalities are completed within a short time.

4. I have shared my personal details and bank account details in the CSR Form, is it safe?
Yes. We maintain complete confidentiality with regard to the personal details and bank details mentioned by you in the CSR Form. You can view our Privacy Policy to see how we respect the privacy of our customers.

5. What if I decide to opt out of the Jushandy services?
We ensure that our customers are provided with the best quality services. However, if you are dissatisfied with our services at any time, we will respect your call. You can get in touch with our Customer Engagement Executive who will guide you through the exit process.

6. I come to India once in every two years. How do I know that the services availed by me were actually provided or not?
We understand your concerns and therefore we ensure that a routine report regarding the service subscribed by you is sent to you from time to time. We maintain complete transparency in our services. You may also authorize any person in India to inspect the quality of our services.

7. I have to file Income Tax returns outside India in my residing country and I need compliance certificates for the payments made by me for availing Jushandy services in India.
Customers are our first priority. We respect Indian and foreign laws, be it a compliance certificate or any documentation in respect of our services. We request you to get in touch with our Customer Engagement Executive for any specific requests at any time whenever you need.

8. How do I renew Jushandy services?
Jushandy services are provided on a Customer Account Number and you may renew our services on your account whenever you want to do so. Our Customer Engagement Executive will explain you the renewal process.

9. I wish to become a part of the Jushandy Network.
Jushandy offers a Business Ambassador (BA) Program under which you can join us as a Business Ambassador in your country and earn decent rewards. Please go through our Business Ambassador Program Guidelines for more details.

10. Can I open up a Franchise outlet for Jushandy?
You can also be part of Jushandy through our franchisee network. Please contact our help desk at. adithya@jushandy.com or at info@jushandy.comfor more details.

11. Why Choose JusHandy?
JusHandy unique propositions:

  • Exclusively NRI focused and professionally run facilitation Services Company
  • Use professional and reliable Partners who mandatorily are registered with company
  • Provide you end to end property management services suite (Advisory/Maintenance/Reorganization)
  • Industry first concept of Your Onsite Supervisor (we physically guard all works ordered to us) to give you daily updates related to project/works progress.
  • Every scope and respective commercials are fiercely negotiated before shared for approval for payment

12. Whom do I call if I have a question or problem?
Our Customer Engagement Executive (CEE) is the person you can be in touch for any of your question or problem.

13. How do you price the service?
We after negotiating scope exchanged by you with our partners prepare final commercial quote for your approval. Normally our charges range from 10-15% of actual supplier cost to offset our administrative expenses.

14. How do I pay for the service?
You can pay through wire or nominate local representative to settle. More payment options shall be introduced going forward!

15. Are the prices you quote fixed?
Yes. We are very transparent with our pricing practice. We quote between 10-15% on actual price proposal of supplier to make good of our manpower, administrative costs which is highly optimized model as per experts.

16. Are you open to work during weekends?
Yes – we work seven days a week whenever the works demands.

17. What geographical area do you serve?
To begin with JusHandy services are available in twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad. We have rapid expansion plans to cover whole of South India by next 24 months.

18. Is there any other mode to order for your services apart from your Website?

  • Services can be ordered through
  • registered Business Ambassadors in your Territory
  • Tele-phonically
  • Mobile Application (coming soon)

19. How often the inspection of my property done?
Depending on services subscribed our experts shall prescribe frequency at which property to be inspected. The plans would be shared with you for your information.

20. Do you have your own in- house team or you out source your services?
All our services are handled by experienced, professional suppliers who are registered with us to deliver defined SLA’s.

21. What type of properties (residential / commercial) you would help search?
We can help search both residential (open plot/Flat/House/Villa) and Commercial (Plot/Constructed Structure) proper initially within twin cities of Hyderabad & Secunderabad.

22. What information you require to search an ideal property?
We like to listen to you personally or over the phone or minimum clear draft of property aspired to meet your expectations. Basically we would need details like your budget, target area, purpose behind purchase, outright purchase or finance required, if finance required your eligibility shall be ascertained.

23. Do you advise us on purchasing price?
Yes we offer location based purchase pricing index and critical insight based on size, type of property targeted etc.

24. Can you handle legal verification and registration coordination like documents being made ready?
Yes, we can do this. We also help our member customers with concierge services to facilitate their short term travel, stay and return to be smooth affair.

25. What if I am not happy with your services?
You can move out of the Services agreement at any time during the course of services by giving one month notice in writing to our Customer Engagement Executive (CEE).

26. Is your Company Registered?
Yes. Please visit our website www.jushandy.com for more information.

27. Can I avail your Services without becoming Member?
Yes you can avail our services without becoming member. It is advised to explore membership to benefit from different discounts, promotional offers made by partners and savings promoted by partner merchandisers of various products.

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