Jushandy provide end to end electrical services. We work with you from the initial consultation to a full design spec. and cost estimate. Whether we are working on a fit out, new build or building refurbishment we bring in quality, reliability, a sense of commitment and responsibility to the overall urgency and aesthetics of the installation.

Our Annual Maintenance Contract for Electric work includes:

  • 18 Minor Incidences listed below PA
  • Fuse off
  • New light/fan/exhaust/switch
  • Fixing or repairing Calling bell / Plug point
  • Distilled water levels in inverter
  • One Preventive Visit / Quarter.

Air Conditioner (AC)

Installation / Maintenance of an air conditioner calls for technical expertise and the ability to coordinate the related electrician, civilian and masonry work. Especially, if it is an already constructed house then the care that needs to be taken is even more. Our expert AC installation takes care of it in a unique way

Our Annual Maintenance Contract for AC includes:

  • 8 incidents of cleaning complete System (Filter, Fan, Panels) /PA
  • 1 free gas filling (on any one unit) /PA.
  • One Preventive Visit / Quarter.
  • One unit free Shifting / PA.

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